Buying a House Without Regrets

When I’m talking to a particularly nervous home buyer I tell them, “Stop worrying so much. People dumber than you and me have bought houses.”

But here’s the question: did they do it without regrets?

Live with No Regrets

When I bought my first house at 24 years old, I made lots of dumb mistakes. And I lost a ton of money. But I don’t have a single regret.

That’s what I’d like for every home buyer I work with. Not buying a home with nothing ever going wrong. Not making a killer profit when they sell. But having no regrets for buying that house.

I wrote 11 Biggest Home Buyer Regrets as a mini-education in what can go wrong and showing you how to do it right.

As a housing counselor, I spent a lot of my time holding the hands of my clients as they navigate the biggest transaction of their lives so far. That’s normal and I’m happy to do it.

But my experience meeting home buyers who’ve done some of the items on this list is that I’m more likely holding their hair back as they lurch for the toilet than I am holding their hands.

Don’t. Do. These. Things.

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And over at The Dog Ate My Wallet, I shared How To Sell Your House at a Loss and Come Out Happy.

Hopefully you won’t lose as much money as I did. But if you want to know how someone can do that and walk away happy, click here.

If you buy a home and your biggest regret was that you didn’t make the seller take the ugly green rug that made you throw up a little in your mouth every time you looked at it, I’d say you were successful. So even if you can’t buy a house with no regrets, maybe your regrets will be small. And only a little bit gross.


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