25 Dumbest First Home Buyer Mistakes

Make a mistake.

I have the job of keeping first home buyers from making dumb mistakes. Most of the time it works out. I hear happy stories from graduates of the home buyer’s classes I teach all the time. But when I meet strangers and tell them what I do, I hear the horror stories. It’s given me quite […]

7 Traits Every First Home Buyer Needs

Personality test sign

Everyone will tell you what you need to buy your first home: good credit steady income plenty of savings. Is that all? Or do some first home buyers have character traits that will make them more successful than others? In ten years of holding home buyers’ hands, I’ve definitely seen that some buyers have a better […]

3 Cool High Tech Ways To Explore a Neighborhood (And 1 Low Tech One)

Learn about a neighborhood by taking a walk.

If you’re here, you’re probably an information junkie. You want to be the best prepared first home buyer. Have you checked out these high tech ways to learn more about the neighborhood where you want to buy a house? High Tech Ways To Explore A Neighborhood Your Commute One sure way to lower your housing costs […]

4 Myths About Down Payment Assistance Programs

A unicorn running in a field.

Why do people turn down free money? It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times over the years I’ve worked for a housing nonprofit. Most people I meet who qualify for down payment help take advantage of it. But there are always a few sticklers who walk away from a wonderful opportunity. Why? Is it […]

FICO Learns What We Already Knew About Credit Scores

A man has his leg in a cast.

I have good news. Someone who has lots of power over you has decided to cut you a break. FICO, the largest and best known company calculating credit scores, is changing their scoring model. And many people will see their credit scores go up. Are you one of them? Will you benefit from FICO learning […]