4 Important Things To Know About Mortgage Interest Rates

Rising mortgage interest rates are making some first home buyers break into a cold sweat.

First home buyers have found comfort in record low interest rates over the past few years. How much lower could rates go than 3 or 3% percent? But with slowly rising rates, new home buyers are getting anxious. Don’t break out into a cold sweat yet. Rates are still very low. And there are only […]

Looking at Houses? What Should You Check Out First?

Do you want to buy a house near a pig farm?

Looking at houses is the most fun part of the home buying process. Of course in a process that includes getting your credit report and writing lots of checks, that’s faint praise. But house shopping is also overwhelming. How do make sure you’re picking the right one? Is it a good buy? And what should you […]

Dumb Home Buyer Choices That Make Me Wonder

An orangutan scratches his head.

For the past nine years, I’ve helped hundreds of home buyers make smart choices. It has been very gratifying. But I’ve also gotten to witness some really dumb choices as well. Sometimes home buyers have me scratching my head with wonder. Why do home buyers who spend three days reading reviews for coffee makers get […]

Can Rapid Credit Rescoring Save You Money On Your Mortgage?

A losing lottery ticket.

Why does it hurt so much when you just miss? You’d almost rather have a losing lottery ticket with no matching numbers than one where every number matches except one. Imagine if a near miss with your credit score costs you thousands of dollars. If it has happened to you, rapid rescoring might help. What […]

How To Afford Your Dream House Features Without Going Broke

Boat on the dock - do you have to own it to enjoy it?

You have your needs list. You have your wants list. You may even have a dreams list. But all those lists get pared down once you start shopping for a house. It’s time to remake your lists so you can afford the house that will give you most of the things you need and want. […]